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Real Gardens Cambridge offers our clients beautiful garden landscaping and expert garden maintenance services for all sizes of gardens for your Home or Business.

If you don’t have the time or are unable to do the work needed to keep your garden beautiful, you can take advantage of our friendly professional services.

Our Fulbourn based company began in 2006, the core of it comprises of Jessica Simpson-Nicholl and Tim Worzencraft who work with a team of experienced gardeners.



We break garden maintenance down into two categories; Regular Maintenance – Keeping everything looking its very best with regular visits. One Offs – Catching things up when things have gotten away from you.

Garden Maintenance


If you think its time for a change and your garden could do with improvements we provide a range of services to help you out. Most people come to us with ideas already in their minds of the work they would like doing and we can implement them.

Garden Landscaping


We take great care to ensure that the design is appropriate for the character and location of individual sites, whether it is an urban courtyard or a large country garden.

Garden Design

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