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If you think its time for a change and your garden could do with improvements we provide a range of services to help you out.

Most people come to us with ideas already in their minds of the work they would like doing and we can implement them.

If your project is large or complicated you may want to consider using our design service to achieve a more coherent end result.

We can prepare and lay turf to suits your garden and needs.

The lawn is often the centre piece of the garden and everyone wants a Lawn to be proud of. For an instant boost to the overall look of your garden, turfing is wonderful! Having this done can often inspire people to better take care of the rest of the garden.

Meadow turf is also available, looks incredibly beautiful and is an excellent way to help and encourage wildlife in your garden.

Please also refer to the importance of lawn care. (link)

We can provide and install all types of fencing and trellising as well as pergolas and other timberwork.

We also repair existing fences.

We can help you with selecting and installing all kinds of garden buildings and features from small arbours for enjoying a quiet area to grand summerhouses including a normal garden sheds. We can construct bases for all of the above, either using paving or concrete.
The right shape and variety of paving can increase the practicality of your garden an unbelievable amount. There is an increasing amount of colours and materials available and we can help you select one to compliment your situation.

Sometimes gravel is the right choice to add a different texture or feel to an area, again there is a wonderful variety available.

Depending on the situation and use these will be layed with the appropriate preparation e.g hardcore, membrane.

One of the major aspects to a beautiful garden is the plants, of course! A new planting scheme may be all that’s needed to upgrade your garden to a beautiful space that you are proud of and enjoy.
Choosing the right plant for the right location is very important and we are qualified and have years of experience in this area and even more enthusiasm.

Why not use our experience? We would meet with you and come up with a planting scheme and then plant it. Or if you would prefer to choose the plants yourselves then we can just provide and plant them for you.

Tree stumps can be a real pain. We can grind them out or dig them out by hand where necessary.
Vegetable and Herb gardens have a popular and universal appeal, not only for the culinary uses but for their beauty, health benefits and their aroma.

We have a passion for vegetable and herb gardening. We would love to help you find a way to fit them into your garden.

There are many types:
Vegetable plots, raised beds, herbs boxes, green houses and our favourite, a potager. A potager is a French kitchen garden that provided most of the vegetable and fruit requirements of a family, a garden in which vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown together.

Other things which we like to include are Aromatic and Sensory plants, Edible flowers, Medicinal herbs.

The joy of having your own chickens or ducks is one not to be missed if you have the opportunity. We fortunately have this luxury ourselves and could not be happier with them. We have also just been greeted with two baby chicks. This is why we offer and encourage the option.

Here is an example of a lovely chicken run.
If you have dangerous or dull looking decking paving and want to give it a new lease of life, we can jet wash these lean for you.

Paving looks fantastic when it is first laid but soon collects dust, grime and moss through the winter months so a jet wash clean in the spring will last you through the summer for those BBQs and family get together.