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There are many types of vegetable gardens. Potagers, a garden in which vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown together, has become more popular than the more traditional rows or blocks.

A potager is a French kitchen garden that provided most of the vegetable and fruit requirements of a family. Such gardens can be seen all over France, from train windows and over the walls in village streets, potagers are a common sight.

The modern interpretation of a potager is more decorative, a kitchen garden laid out with a centrepiece of some kind, with four corner beds or a more elaborate pattern.The kinds of vegetables you can grow in your garden are extensive, for example.

Carrots , Cabbages , Corn , broccoli , tomatoes , peas , beans


vegetable garden 

There has been a resurgence of interest in potager gardening. Remeber when planning edgings that you'll need to work in your garden  and make room for tools and wheelbarrows. If you are interested in having a potager / vegetable garden please feel free to give us a call on 07792234882


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