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Organic Weed Control Methods ~ Hand Pulling E-mail
Removing weeds by manually pulling them from the ground is the most common form of organic weed control. It's easy to do, doesn't pollute the environment with toxins, and is also cost effective because it's free.

What is the best way to manually pull weeds?

Grab the plant close to the ground, encircling it's leaves with the fingers of one hand. Take a small-bladed knife or sharp-edged hand trowel with your other hand and use it in the soil to slide under the roots of the weed to loosen them and help remove the plant from the soil.

Use care to avoid disturbing the surrounding soil, mulch, or leaf litter to prevent bringing deeply buried weed seeds closer to the surface where they could sprout.

Hand pulled weeds can be left on the ground to break down where they are except for any that have developing or mature seeds. Developing or mature seeds should be cut from the plants and bagged for curbside disposal.

Any weed with parts that could possibly re-sprout from their nodes (such as Honeysuckle ~ Lonicera japonica or perennial Morning Glory ~ Ipomoea indica) should also be removed and bagged for curbside disposal.

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