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Dealing With Slugs E-mail
The following are some tips on dealing with slugs.
  • A spray bottle of half ammonia/half water is good. When you go on patrol, spray slugs at will. If it does not seem strong enough to you, add a little more ammonia. This is a very effective way to zap the slithery critters.
  • Diatomaceous Earth will also work. Slugs do not want to cross it. It will rip them open. Look for this at a garden store and maybe wear a dust mask when you apply around your plants.
  • Water your plants in the morning and let ground dry during course of the day. This simple trick is very effective.
  • Copper strips about 4 inches wide. Some people swear by this, some say it does not work. The theory is that slugs will get zapped if they cross the copper. Look for this in a garden store.
  • Lay a board down over some wet ground. In the morning, or whenever, go out with a bucket of soapy water or the half ammonia/half water mix. Pick up the board carefully and look at the underside. There will probably be slugs on it. Scrape or pick them off and throw in bucket.
  • Beer traps made from margerine tubs or soda bottles and placed around the area you wish to protect also can be effective.
  • There are a number of organic snail baits such as: Escargo, Sluggo, or Worry Free. They are very effective.
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