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Real Gardens Cambridge

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Herb gardens have a popular and universal appeal, not only for the culinary uses of the herbs, but for their beauty, health benefits and their aroma.

We have a passion for herbs and can offer a large range of options both for the herbs themselves and the style and arrangement of them in the garden. Examples of our Decorative, Culinary, Aromatic and Sensory, and themed gardens are: Border planting, Edible flower garden, Pot pourri garden, Medicinal herb garden, Herb wheel.

Examples shown here :-

Betony (Lamb's Ear), Celandine (Herb Robert), Clove Pink, Lemon Balm and Rosemary to name a few.

 herb gardens


These days people feel that they have to get conventional treatment from the doctor and herbs, flowers etc from the supermarket. This need not be the case. It is not always the best method, it is needlessly expensive and much less satisfying compared to growing them yourself. For example echinaeca is famous for its boosting effect on the immune system, it is also a stunning hot pink bi-annual to plant in a window box or border. 


Please feel free to enquire about any further options or any desires you may have regarding herb gardens on 07792234882

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